Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Sun Shall Also Rise

Bursting forth from the belly of a cockroach
That’d hid under a fallen star And so lived to be
the womb
From where I’d write the epilogue
To a holocaust of the Dream
the first things I see
Are the faded colours and the cracks in the wheels
A Sun blocked out from the sky
By the fumes of a hundred million rubber-tire ‘rebellions’
It’s place taken by a giant Methadone disco-ball
Shooting out sedation as sunlight
Fangs, hysterical laughter and numbness.
Meaningless dandelion yesterdays blown away
By solitude sired nuclear dust devils.
Yet to walk through the streets leaves me unafraid still
For our time away
Failed to teach the scavengers how to hunt
Yes there are shadows and yes there is smoke
But the sword and I have seen darker and murkier days
At the corner of yesterday and sanity
Littered in the eye of the aftermath
Of a Pretend-o-saur feeding frenzy
Lies the wasted carcass of some assembly line aeroplane
Picking workable pieces from the mangled iron carrion
I fashion wings welded together by copper-cold-hunger
And gilded by a Golden desire
To soar above the smog
Break through
And steal the secret of fire from the sun I know lies beyond
A heavenward bound fist fires angrily up
Driving a dolphin-leap through the gray-ether surface
I rob a coffee-cup of blazes
And hide it as gasoline deep in my dragon core
On the shelf below insanity and the one above the trouble I shall make
The feather-landing coincides with the first brick of the minaret falling
Now my sun has also risen.

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The Red Queen said...

I like this. I like the imagery.